Relaunching with a bang!

It's so often the way - the mechanic with a broken tail light, the cobbler's child with no shoes, the comms consultant with a dodgy landing page and non-existent website ....

But no more! We have rebranded, created a functioning website and are ready to tell everyone who we are and how we can help.

To top off this rush of self-congratulations (for actually doing what we consistently tell our clients to do...), we have been announced as finalists in the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence. In the Rising Star category no less. Yay!

It's a wonderful endorsement of the work we have achieved to date. It's also handy to have brilliant copy-writers readily available to complete these nominations.

So, welcome to our new website. Let us know what you think of our redecorating efforts and wish us luck at the award's ceremony in August.