This means she knows a little about a lot. And if she wants to know more, she’s just as comfortable knocking on the door of a CEO in pearls and Louboutins, as donning high viz and steel caps to get the answer.

Angela’s approach to marketing is hands on and down-to-earth. Her quest is to make the brilliance of propeller heads accessible to everyone, and to make said propeller heads realise what they do is actually pretty cool, interesting and worth sharing.

Before founding The Gap, Angela held communications and marketing roles with…

  • Alfa Laval
  • Vodafone Australia
  • Moet-Hennessey Louis Vuitton
  • Parliament of NSW – The Hon. Duncan Gay MLC

She’s also the go-to person if you want to know anything about stone fruit orchards.


Originally trained as a journalist, she quickly learned that the ‘dark side’ of corporate communications paid better, much faster.  From sponsorship to events, employee communications to media relations, community relations to crisis management, brand management to corporate sustainability, as well as everything in between, she’s been there and done that.

As Australia Post’s State Communications Manager and later National Manager Media and State Communications, she’s also no stranger to 'telling it straight' to management, and to being in front of the microphone or camera when the proverbial hit the fan.

Before joining The Gap, Elizabeth held communication, media and management roles with…

  • Australia Post
  • MMI Limited (now Allianz AG)
  • Fairfax Media

She also ran her own gorgeous boutique small business, Goddess Baking, while raising small children, to 'fill up' her day and indulge her creative side.

As a journalist and editor in the print industry, she developed an elegant writing style, a keen eye for detail and a strong ability to work to competing deadlines.


Her time in radio added more clarity and punch to her writing, as did speech writing in the Local Government sector.

Ruth has a passion for turning “a sow’s ear into a silk purse” – whether it’s writing in tech-speak, for the art and music world or in the political arena. 

 Before joining The Gap, Ruth worked with…

  • Penrith City Council
  • Fairfax Media
  • ABC Local Radio
  • Glenbrook School of Music

She’s also a singer and flautist, who (if she had three legs) would have one foot in each of the rock, folk and country camps.

Her past experience includes journeys into the financial world, the land management and conservation field, the construction industry and telecommunications and government sectors.

As a web developer, Sheila has helped many businesses establish a dynamic online presence. Once again, this work involves training and supporting clients as they head into unfamiliar waters.

Before joining The Gap, Sheila held information technology and change management roles with…

  • Perpetual Limited
  • Solution 6
  • Boral
  • Optus
  • Department of Conservation and Land Management, Sydney
  • Exxon Chemicals (UK)
  • Dunham Bush Ltd (UK)
  • Ministry of Defence, England
  • IBM (UK)

She’s also a trained swimming instructor who once spent the better part of a year working as a motorcycle courier.

Trish cut her teeth in the Australian newspaper industry when Rupert Murdoch was at the helm. She has also worked in the airline and the health industry. Her most recent role was with a Government agency dealing with aged care.

Before joining The Gap, Trish worked with…

  • News Limited
  • British Caledonian Airlines
  • St John of God Health Care
  • Australian Aged Care Quality Agency

She is also that rare breed of person who can complete a cryptic crossword and has a fine operatic voice that can hit high C.